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Travel Documents

United States citizens need proof of citizenship, which can be a Passport (recommended) or a birth certificate (original or certified copy) AND a government-issued photo ID.  Adventure Cruise Travel will, to the best of our ability, inform our groups about current proof of citizenship requirements for cruise travel.  However, for the most current and accurate travel information, please visit the U.S. Department of State website.


Resident Aliens need an Alien Resident Card. Non-US citizens need a valid Passport and valid U.S. Multiple Re-Entry Visa. IMPORTANT!  If anyone in the group is a foreign exchange student or not a citizen of the United States, they will need to contact their Local Immigration office or call U.S. Immigration at 800-375-5283 to find out what paperwork they will need to enter various ports of call.  Any person not having the necessary travel documents will not be allowed to board the ship and will not receive a refund for their cruise. Neither the cruise lines nor Adventure Cruise Travel or its affiliates assume responsibility for advising guests of immigration requirements. It is the guest’s responsibility to make sure that they have the correct documentation to travel.


All travel documents should be completed prior to arrival at the port. Passengers must each carry their own travel documents at embarkation. These items must be passed out to each individual prior to arrival at the port. Passports can be obtained at the following web address:

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Booking Roundtrip Transportation

When arriving by Motorcoach or Private Vehicle

Please make sure the group arrives at the Port by 12:00pm (no earlier) to start check-in.


30 minutes prior to arriving at the pier, please contact your on-board representative.  He/She will meet your motor coach and assist with unloading and check-in.

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Performance Information

One performance per group is included in the price.  Groups may request a second/third/fourth or more performance (if time allots it) but they will incur a fee. 


There’s NO musical equipment for use on any ship.  All performing groups must bring all equipment that is necessary to fulfill your performance.


If there are multiple bands onboard the same ship/date the directors and may coordinate with each other and share equipment.  Please speak with your representative if you would like to get more information.

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Band Information

If you are performing aboard the ship and have requested an instrument storage cabin, your equipment will be delivered to this cabin (see "Equipment Tags") and your onboard representative will provide your group leader with a key to the cabin at the Welcome Aboard meeting.


Your group is responsible for getting equipment to and from the rehearsal and performance venue(s). No equipment will be permitted in the stage area, so please leave all cases in the storage or individual cabins. There will be carts available to assist with moving if needed.  Requests for chairs must be made well in advance.

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Festival vs Performance

Only those groups that have requested an adjudication performance “FESTIVAL” (at additional cost) will receive such.  Otherwise, your performance will NOT be adjudicated.

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Prepaid cruise gratuities cover the Dining Room Waiter, Bus Boy and Cabin Stewards. Tips are not included for room service, or any spa services received. Tips are not included for curbside longshoremen who assist with your luggage. 

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Minimum-Passenger Surcharge

Please be advised that if your total guest count falls below 30 total passengers, the cruise line will honor our reservation, but they will charge a per-passenger surcharge because we have fallen below their minimum student group numbers.


Your Adventure Cruise Travel Representative will determine this surcharge.  The minimum passenger surcharge will vary depending upon how many people are traveling and the length of your cruise.

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Mandatory Meeting Times

Everyone in your group is required to attend both the Embarkation and Debarkation meetings.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  If you have not already you will be notified of the times of these meetings prior to your sailing.

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Acknowledgement Forms

Every student and chaperone must complete and return the respective Cruise Lines Acknowledgment Form.


All student groups are exempt from the statement that guests under the age of 18 years must be accompanied in the same stateroom by an adult 25 years of age or older.


We require that the group have at least one chaperone for every ten students. Each group's chaperones are responsible for ensuring that their group adheres to the policies outlined in the acknowledgement form.

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Chaperone Policy

Adventure Cruise Travel requires that all student groups have at least one chaperone for every ten students.  As per the cruise line’s normal requirements, Chaperones must be Parents or School Affiliated and chaperones must be at least 25 years of age.


Unlike the cruise line’s normal requirements, however, Adventure Cruise Travel does not require that these chaperones be berthed with the students.  No one chaperone will be permitted to be responsible for more than 10 students.


Chaperone cabins must be located amongst the student cabins. If a chaperone request and upgrade the cabin must be in the same location as the student cabins. 

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Ship Rules

We want your cruise to be a pleasant experience for everyone. The following is a list of rules that must be enforced while onboard.


1. No noise in cabin areas after 11:00pm

2. No congregating, eating, drinking or running in the hallways.

3. Abuse or theft of physical property will not be tolerated.

4. No drinking of alcoholic beverages for those under the age of 21.

5. No abusive or offensive language.

6. Purchase, possession and consumption of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

7. Large radios (“boom boxes”) are not permitted onboard. Headphones must be used with radios on deck.


Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the offender(s) being removed from the ship to make his or her own way home at his/her expense. All student groups hereby agrees to be responsible for any damage to the vessel or for any additional costs incurred as a result of inappropriate behavior, including excessive disturbance to other guests that may require Cruise Line to make reparations. 

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Restrictions Onboard

Casino:  Guest must be 18 years of age or older to play the tables and the slot machines.  Guests under 18 years of age are not permitted in the casino.


Spa and fitness center:  Guests under 12 years of age are not permitted in these facilities.  Guests between the ages of 12 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Lounges, shows, and the dance club:  Guests under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult in all public areas of the ship.  Guests under the age of 18 must vacate the dance club by 10:00pm.  Guests under the age of 18 may not attend the Midnight Shows, which are "R" rated. 

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Casual attire is appropriate during the day. For one or two nights formal attire is strongly suggested.


Formal night - a tuxedo, suit, or dress pants/shirt and tie is appropriate for men on formal night, and a formal dress for women can be short or long dresses/gowns or formal pantsuits.


Otherwise, dinner attire is casual resort wear.  Shorts, T-shirts, swimsuits, and jeans are not permitted in the dining room during dinner.

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Main Dining Room Seating

All student groups are assigned late seating (times vary by ship). If you would like to request early dining contact your representative as soon as possible.


Table assignments are pre-assigned by the cruise line’s Dining Department.  Any special dining requests need to be submitted to your agent well in advance of the cruise.  Any guest requesting a seating change on board should inform the tour representative or the Maitre’ D.


Due to limited table configurations in the dining room, members of one student group may be seated with members of another student group booked through Adventure Cruise Travel. 

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Medical Services

The ships’ infirmaries are equipped to treat minor non-emergency matters. A doctor is available to render services at a customary charge; payment for services must be made in full BEFORE disembarking the ship.


Receipts can then be submitted to your insurance company, if applicable.  Doctors are independent contractors, and they have set office hours on the ship.


If it is necessary to see the doctor outside of his/her posted hours, an additional fee will be charged. Groups are encouraged to bring their own health/medical forms for each person in the group, in case of emergency.

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Emergency Phone

If needing to contact a Carnival ship, call 1-877-CCL-SHIP (1-877-225-7447).


If needing to contact a Royal Caribbean ship, dial 888-724-SHIP (888-724-7447).


You will need the name of the ship, sail date (date of departure), passenger name, and a major credit card. This telephone number should only be used in the event of an emergency, as a costly satellite fee will be assessed to all calls.


Calling cards do not offset the satellite charges. Both Carnival offer satellite cellular service on board most ships, which allows cell phone users to make and receive calls while at sea through the ship’s satellite signal. Calls can be made on open decks and in some upper deck lounges / public areas.


Charges vary by cell phone provider; most providers charge whatever your typical international roaming fees would be. We recommend that you check with your provider prior to sailing. 

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Equipment Store Cabin

Groups of a 100 or more may request a storage cabin for all their equipment. A storage cabin rate with a minimum of 100 + passengers is:


3 Day: $398.50;

4 Day: $462.00;

5 Day: $545.50


but we need a $150 deposit within 20 days of booking it. For groups less than 100 we do not offer storage cabins, all instruments are stored in their own cabins. Ask your representative as soon as possible if you would like to purchase a storage cabin for your equipment. Pricing may change without notice.

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Luggage/Luggage Tags

You are allowed one suitcase and one carry-on bag for your trip. Upon arrival at the port, longshoremen will take the group’s luggage directly from the bus/car and deliver them to your cabin.Please be prepared to pay a gratuity of $1.00 per checked bag and instrument for this service.


All luggage MUST be appropriately tagged with mandated cruise line tags. Luggage tags are provided by printing them from the cruise line’s website ONLY! Once your fun pass has been completed you will have the option to print your tags out. 


All luggage MUST be tagged prior to departing on your transportation to the port. Do not pack travel documents in the checked luggage; please keep them in hand or easily accessible in a carry-on bag.


Neither Adventure Cruise Travel nor the cruise line will be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged luggage.

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Equipment Tags

As stated in Luggage/Luggage Tags Section, it is the same for your band equipment.  Equipment cases are attached with these tags PRIOR to arriving at the port. 


It is suggested that you tag your equipment with your school and individual name as well. The best way to complete this task is use large mailing labels and type the school and student name, city, state, ship/sail date & cabin number and stick these on the outside of the instruments case. 


If your group has a storage cabin for musical instruments please make sure that the instruments being stored in this cabin are tagged accordingly with this cabin #. You may register this cabin in the fun pass registration process just like any other cabin and print multiple luggage tags for the equipment if you choose to.

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Special Needs

Special diet requirements may be requested at least four weeks prior to sailing. You should discuss the method of preparation of menu items with your waiter or head waiter. There may be limitations in our ability to accommodate special orders. Kosher meals are not available.

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Online Check-In

Adventure Cruise Travel is a paperless agency, though instructions on how to access each person’s e-ticket will be provided. Passengers must carry their board pass and proof of citizenship, including a Passport or birth certificate & photo ID, at embarkation.


These items must be passed out to each individual prior to arrival at the port.  Check-in at the pier will be done by cabin groups; not individually.  It is strongly suggested that you pre-register for your sailing online. You will receive a cabin list from your travel consultant approximately 30 days prior to sailing, which will show all individual booking numbers for all booked cabins.


With your individual booking number and passport or birth certificate, we recommend pre-register for the cruise.  This advance registration will expedite your check-in process on the day of sailing, and you will only need to bring the printed boarding pass plus your proof of citizenship to the pier for check-in.  Please note that a boarding pass will not be printed for cabins with any guests under the age of 18.

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Additional Costs

Cost of the cruise includes fees, taxes and onboard gratuities. Gratuities for baggage handling (longshoreman) is a $1.00 per bag is customary for them is not included.  Please have this fee collected prior to arriving at the port and ready to give to the head longshoreman.  If you use the service of longshoreman at the conclusion of the cruise, it is customary to tip them the $1 per bag as well.


Souvenirs, shore excursions, cab fare in port, and any beverages onboard ship NOT included with meals. Iced tea, lemonade, water, milk, coffee, and hot tea are included at no cost. Juices are offered at breakfast. Soft drinks onboard the ships are approximately $2.50 per can, which does not include gratuity added for any drink purchase. An Unlimited Soft Drink Card can be purchased onboard the ship. 

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Cabin Allocation

Inside Cabins will be allocated Category 4A, Oceanview Cabins will be allocated Category 6A, based on the size of your group and the configuration of the remaining cabins available in the ships inventory. It may be necessary to accommodate some quads and triples with roll-a-ways.


Single occupancy cruise berths may be purchased. If the total amount of single occupancy cabins exceeds 10 per group there will be an additional charge. Please be advised that all cabin assignments are made at the discretion of the cruise line and not Adventure Cruise Travel.


All cabins are blocked as closely together as possible at the cruise line’s discretion. Some cabins (especially triples) may be accommodated with a roll-a-way or trundle bed (or similar) at the sole discretion of the cruise line.  


Important Notice:


**Due to increased national security, it is imperative that we receive the Legal first and last names of each passenger as well as their birth date and gender/marital status (Mr., Mrs., Mstr., or Ms.).

The cruise line, the Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs and Immigration require this information.  Cabin lists must be typed and e-mailed, to your Adventure Cruise Representative.  No faxed or handwritten copies will be accepted.**

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Cabin Phones

Please instruct your group to NOT use phones in the cabin for us other than to call other cabins.  If used to call “shore side” there are costs upwards of $10 per minute.  It is suggested that students make a call home with their cell phones once onboard, as they might not have any contact with parents during the cruise.

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Fuel Surcharge

Cruise Lines reserves the right to impose a fuel supplement fee per person per day if the price of crude oil rises. Additional fuel supplement fees will be imposed upon the group.

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Price Increases

Contracted cruise prices are not subject to change during our season. However, if the U.S. Government, cruise line, or local port authority raises port charges/taxes and/or institutes a fuel surcharge, it will become necessary that the increase be passed on to the group.

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